Great Moments in Jewish History

 The authors encompass 4,000 years, beginning with Abraham's test of faith in God in the eighteenth century B.C. They divide their book into four categories: moments of courage, joy, despair, and creativity; in each category, the most significant events, whether positive or negative, are highlighted. In the section on courage, for instance, Esther saves the Jews of Persia, the Haganah (the Jewish armed forces in Palestine) is founded, and Mordecai Anielewicz leads the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. In the section on joy, the Ba'al Shem Tov founds the Hasidic movement, and the Dead Sea Scrolls are discovered. The expulsion of the Jews from Spain and the night of terror in Germany known as Kristallnacht are among the entries under the category of despair, and various events involving the Talmud and the Hebrew Bible are among the selections in the category of creativity. There are bound to be differences of opinion over the authors' selections, but the book, which is filled with black-and-white photographs, will be of interest to Jews and non-Jews alike. George Cohen

Hardcover, 304 pages
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